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  • Continent Superslims

    $14.46 $11.57
    Cheap Continent Superslims online

    Number of packs: 10

    Number of cartons: 1

    Number of cigarettes: 200

    Cigarettes ingredients:

    Tar volume: 5.0 mg

    Nicotine volume: 0.6 mg

Continent cigarettes

Our online cigarette store is delighted to welcome the latest brand of cigarette included in our assortment - Continent Super Slims.

This new tobacco article was developed by Innovation Tobacco Company, a one of the fastest-growing tobacconists, based in London, U.K. Our adult customers already had the chance to appreciate the premium quality of the products made by this cigarette maker, by ordering Kiss Super Slims, Beverly and Marshall brands from our site.

Continent cigarettes are made of fine quality tobaccos, cultivated in many corners of the world, and selected with especial care by the experts from Innovation Tobacco. Only the best sorts of Virginia and Burley tobacco leaves made it to become part of the exclusive tobacco blend in Continent cigarettes.

It is worth mentioning that Continent cigarettes are manufactured in compliance with all the European requirements on safety and quality, using high-tech technologies. The cigarettes are equipped with innovative charcoal filters, contributing to reduction in the penetration of tobacco smoke in the lungs of smokers.

All these features allow Continent cigarettes to provide a remarkable combination of magnificent quality and rich flavor, packed in laconic packs with contemporary design.

In addition, these cigs are available at a very affordable price, what is vital at a time when the world is dealing with difficult economic environment, and people are doing their best to save money.

If you are willing to try low-cost Continent brand, you can simply visit our tax-free cigarette store and order them online to get them delivered straight to your door!