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Philip Morris’s shipment volumes decreased in 2015

Published on February 10th, 2016 00:00

Philip Morris International's shipments in the course of 2015, at 847,270 million, were decreased by 1.0% on those of 2014, 855,954 million.

Shipments raised by 0.4% to 279.411 million in the company's Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa area, but dropped in each of its other areas: by 0.1% to 194,589 million in the EU; by 2.4% to 281,350 million in Asia; and by 2.9% to 91,920 million in Latin America and Canada.

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Total cigarette shipments in the European Union were basically smooth, with drops in Greece, Italy and the United Kingdom mostly balanced by increase in France, Germany and Spain.

Marlboro shipment volumes boosted by 0.9% to 285,583 million; a boost that was said to reveal increase in: the EU, notably in France, Germany and Spain, mostly balanced by the brand's operation in Italy and the UK; the EEMA, remarkably in Saudi Arabia, and Turkey, partially balanced by its functionality in North Africa and Ukraine; and Asia, remarkably in Philippines and Vietnam, partially balanced by its functionality in Japan and South Korea. Cigarette shipments of Marlboro reduced in the Latin America & Canada area, primarily because of its presentation in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico, partially balanced by that in Colombia.

L&M shipment volumes grew by 3.9% to 97,884 million; Parliament shipment volumes dropped by 4.9% to 44,879 million; Bond Street went up by 0.1% to 43,608 million; Chesterfield went down by 1.8% to 41,397 million; and shipments of other cigarette brands dropped by 5.7% to 269,276%.

At the same time, during the fourth quarter of 2015, PMI's cigarette shipment volumes, at 209,769 million, decreased by 2.4% on those of the three months to the end of December 2014, 214,892 million.

For the full year 2015, PMI revealed low revenue per share decreased by 7.1% to $4.42 and adjusted diluted revenue per share decreased by 12.0% to $4.42.

Revealed net profits, excluding excise taxes, dropped by 10.0% to $26.8 billion.

Reported operating companies' earnings dropped by 9.1% to $11.0 billion, and adjusted operating companies' income went down by 12.4% to $11.0 billion.