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Japan Tobacco to add three new products to Winston XS line

Published on October 30th, 2015 00:00

Japan Tobacco Inc. has declared that the company will add three new products to Winston brand line, the second greatest cigarette brand across the world. ''Winston XS 10 Box,'' ''Winston XS 8 Box,'' and ''Winston XS 3 100's Box'' will be introduced across the USA at the beginning of this November.

Winston was unveiled in 1954 in the United States and nowadays it is a worldwide brand with over sixty years of heritage of quality and true smoking satisfaction. In August 2015, Cabin and Caster brands were included into Winston, and since October the packages had a new unique international design observing their rebirth under the Winston brand.

Winston XS

With the modernized Winston brand, Japan Tobacco will continue to make an effort to fulfill the diverse requirements of smokers. The standard collection now involves three tobacco taste lines: the roasted taste bitter Cabin line, the XS Caster sweet line with its mellow taste, and the XS straight line offering a clear and mild flavour. To give consumers more alternatives to enjoy, JT is adding three new products to the Winston XS line: ''Winston XS 10 Box,'' ''Winston XS 8 Box,'' and ''Winston XS 3 100's Box.''

''Winston XS 10 Box,'' ''Winston XS 8 Box,'' and ''Winston XS 3 100's Box'' each has properly selected blends to obtain a distinctive and characteristic taste giving Winston's true smoking satisfaction experience. Moreover, by using the ''Long Taste'' feature, a special cigarette paper exclusive to Winston, the tobacco taste can be experienced longer by smokers.

The packages will receive the style theme of the XS line, with blue as the basic color to signify their clear and smooth taste.

JT is focused on regularly bettering the quality of its goods and services to better meet preferences of consumers, including these three new Winston products.

Japan Tobacco Inc. is a top rated worldwide cigarette corporation. Its goods are marketed in more than 120 countries and its worldwide known brands involve Winston, Camel, Mevius and LD. The company's income was ¥2.154 trillion (US$17,867 million) in the fiscal year ended December 31, 2014.