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Cigarillo use among teens increased by half

Published on January 12th, 2016 00:00

The percentage of teens who smoked cigarillos in the past month increased by half when cigarillos - small cigars or little cigars - are involved with regular cigarettes as a form of tobacco use.

The data sustains worries in the public health community that cigarillos are appealing to youngsters to tobacco use. It derives from the 2015 nationwide Monitoring the Future research, which yearly tracks tendencies in substance use among 8th-, 10th- and 12th-graders. The research reviews over 40,000 students in around 400 secondary schools annually throughout the United States.


The study required to answer teens whether they smoked a cigarillo or a regular cigarette in the past month. For the three grades combined, the percentage who used tobacco rose to 11.2% from 6.7% when taking into consideration use of cigarillos, which is a 67-percent proportional hike in prevalence of tobacco smoking.

The size of this proportional hike was almost three-quarters for 8th- and 10th-graders, and over half for 12th-graders. Particularly, considering flavored cigarillos rose the prevalence of smoking tobacco in the month before the study to 6.6% from 3.7% among 8th-graders, to 9.8% from 5.7% among 10th-graders, and to 17.8% from 11.1% among 12th-graders.

Cigarillos are tobacco products that are between a cigarette and a cigar both relating to size and weight of tobacco. The outer wrapping involves brown, dried tobacco leaves or brown paper. Cigarillos deliver combusted tobacco, which is the primary cause of the health hazards associated with cigarettes and cigars. There are many various flavors for cigarillos - grape cigarillos, cream cigarillos or strawberry ones.

Many teenagers understand that cigarillos are not dangerous to health, which may lead to the popularity of cigarillos. Altogether, 2% of teenagers in the three grades combined who used cigarillos in the past month prior to the study claimed that they had never smoked a regular cigarette in their life.